Un-Bustable: Why Mythbusters should stop doing some myths

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I love the Mythbusters, my 6 year old son loves the Mythbusters, in fact we now have a Friday night ritual where we camp out in the family room and watch the show. That being said I feel that there are a few myths that have been tackeld by the show that should not be.  Not because they are not interesting to watch but because they are “un-bustable”.  Lets take for example the breathalyzer, they tried about 5 or 6 methods to try and beat the test, none of them worked; shocking!  Lets say that they had found an easily reproducible method for defeating the machine, am I expected to believe that the hosts Adam and Jamie, the producers of the show, The Discovery Channel, the District Attorney, etc would have ever let such an episode air? If they had found that gargling milk mixed with hot sauce, rasins and fish sauce let you pass the breath test we would never have seen the segment. The same can be said for one of the most recent episodes, beating the drug sniffing dog. Again had they found a sure fire way to do so, it would not be at all responsible for them to air the episode. Beating the radar gun, ditto.

The show is great let me make that clear, but they should just stop trying to bust the un-bustable myths.  I’d love to read your comments on this, has this bothered you as well?