Brew Urban Cafe, Fort Lauderdale

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Just wanted to write a quick note about Brew.  Had some time to kill before going to a show with Amalia so I went over to Brew based on recomendations from a friend. I’m a big fan of espresso, especially machiattos, and had the perfect machiatto on Wednesday night.  For once I was able to order a machiatto without having to explain to the barista that a it’s not a little latte, nor is it espresso with whipped cream (never order something complex from *$ on the turnpike).

The espresso was rich and extremely bold without being overly bitter, and the locally roasted beans seem to make quite a difference.  Now if only they had a location closer to my office. Like I said, a quick note, wasn’t there long enough to write a full review.  What’s your favorite coffee “joint” as they say?